Post-Graduate Training

  • Advanced Master in Specialized Veterinary Medicine  - Option Veterinary Public Health - Module "Food Sciences"  Brochure (in French) web
  • New teaching program in managment of food safety  (session 2014-2015): Certificate in management of food safety (teaching courses in French) Brochure (in French)


Academic year 2015-2016

Since September 2008, the courses are not available on the website of the Department .
The access is through the plateforme e-campus of Liège University (limited acess to students).

Bachelor in veterinary medicine 

  • VETE2056-1 Animal, health and sociéty (collégialité), 1st year (38h Th)

Master in biomedicine

  • QUAL0436-1 Quality Assurance linked to foodtuffs  (Marie-Louise Scippo, Georges Daube) partim I : Chemical aspects, M.L. SCIPPO (7,5h Th). partim II : Biological aspects, G. DAUBE (7,5h Th)

Master in véterinary medicine

  • VETE2072-1 Quality and food sanitary safety management  (Antoine Clinquart, Georges Daube, Véronique Delcenserie, Nicolas Korsak Koulagenko, Marie-Louise Scippo), Bloc 1, 2nd quad. (64h Th + 12h Clin. Pr.)
  • VETE0047-3 Inspection of animal food (Nicolas Korsak Koulagenko), Bloc 2 (12h Th + 17,5h PCL)
  • VETE2089-1 Paraclinic in food products science, 2 weeks, Bloc 2
    Food sanitary safety control case study: Antoine Clinquart, Georges Daube, Véronique Delcenserie, Nicolas Korsak Koulagenko, Marie-Louise Scippo (17,5h PCL)
    Inspection of food product from animal origin: Nicolas Korsak Koulagenko (17,5h PCL)
  • VETE0472-1 Control of the food chain (Antoine Clinquart, Georges Daube, Véronique Delcenserie, Nicolas Korsak Koulagenko, Marie-Louise Scippo), Bloc 3 (40h CL)

Specialised Master in specialised veterinary medicine, option Veterinary Public Health  - module: "Food sciences"

  • VETE0462-1 Chemical hazards related to food (Marie-Louise Scippo, Claude Saegerman) (27h Th + 5h Mon. WS)
  • VETE0463-1 Biological hazards linked to food (Georges Daube, Frédéric Farnir, Claude Saegerman) (24h Th + 8h Mon. WS)
  • VETE2033-1 Basis of risk analysis and quality management (Claude Saegerman, Georges Daube) (9h Th)
  • VETE2034-1 Legal bases of safety management in the food chain (André Evers) (14h Th)
  • VETE2037-2 Quality and Safety management in the food chain (Antoine Clinquart, Georges Daube, Véronique Delcenserie, Nicolas Korsak Koulagenko, Marie-Louise Scippo) (20h Th + 64h Pr + 60h Mon. WS)
  • VETE2038-1 Hygiene and management systems of food safety (Véronique Delcenserie) (40h Th)
  • VETE2039-1 Methods of analysing residues and contaminants in the food chain (Marie-Louise Scippo, Frédéric Farnir) (8h Th + 24h Pr + 4h Mon. WS)
  • VETE2040-1 Tools for monitoring the food chain (Georges Daube, Nicolas Korsak Koulagenko, André Evers) (24h Th + 24h Pr)
  • VETE2041-1 Methods for controlling the microbiological quality of food (Georges Daube) (16h Th + 16h Pr)
  • VETE2042-1 Nutrition and health (Marie-Louise Scippo, Antoine Clinquart, Véronique Delcenserie) (20h Th + 12h Pr + 8h Mon. WS)
  • VETE2045-1 Food Technology (Antoine Clinquart) (28h Th + 12h Pr)

Specialised Master in aquaculture

  • VETE2007-1 Management of the quality and safety of foodstuffs deruved from aquaculture (Antoine Clinquart, Véronique Delcenserie, Nicolas Korsak Koulagenko, Marie-Louise Scippo) (15h Th, 5h Vis)
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